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For City Council

When I see my neighbors, I don’t see a Republican or Democrat, I see a fellow New Albanian that shares the same concerns that I do at the local level.  The need for economic growth within the district, the need for transparency and fiscal responsibility in local government, and lastly, our people need a safe place to live.  In Southern Indiana, we all share many of the same values and it’s time to put partisan politics behind us and have an advocate in the community that can make decisions based on merit, not political affiliation. This is my home, this is where I have chosen to raise my family, and this is the town in which I make a living. I am Josh Turner, and I am excited to have the opportunity to earn your vote and represent District 5 this November. Together we can “Revive District Five”.

Revive District Five

For years, I have watched Downtown New Albany experience growth and change. Meanwhile, businesses within our District have slowly went away. The time has come to Revive District Five. If Downtown New Albany is the heart of the city it is time for some of that blood to flow into surrounding districts.  There is no better location for growth than within District Five. There is development potential on Charlestown Road from the Colonial Manor area all the way down to Blackiston Mill Road. This area is densely populated and could be developed to attract local business that will create jobs and revenue for the city. It would be my mission to be the advocate for that growth. We must Revive District Five.


Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

I was directly impacted by the McDonald Lane Project and I am seeing similarities with the Mt. Tabor Project. There is a fine line between functionality and exuberance. I watched as the city put mailbox posts up on both sides of the street fully knowing the Post Office was unwilling to deliver on both sides of the street. The city then removed these posts and then came back around and reinstalled mailboxes on one side of the street and a post on the other side of the street. What did that cost us? We need to be fiscally responsible and we need to have complete transparency when it comes to spending the community’s money.



We all deserve to live in a safe community. As I walk around District Five a major concern my neighbors have is the increase in car break ins. It is something I hear about or read about on Social Media almost daily. Opioids have become a problem everywhere not just at the local level. I want to work with NAPD and NAFD to ensure that our District has the resources necessary to make this district a safer place to live for our families.


About Josh Turner

For me, my dedication to the community and service came from my time in the military. I am an Air Force veteran, I served from 2000-2006 and that experience made me who I am today. The three core values of the Air Force are Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do, and Integrity First. All three of those values translate well to local politics.

I am the father of two children; Lucas who is four years old and his sister Joleen who is two. I am married to Jessica, the girl of my dreams. With her by my side, I feel that I can do anything and she is very supportive. I want to be an inspiration to my children when they are older. I want to do my part to ensure they live in a world where they are not entitled to anything but have every opportunity to make something of themselves if they go out work hard and earn it.

I’m currently attending Western Governors University (WGU) bachelor program for the Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance track. I am an IT System Admin for a company that has it’s headquarter here in New Albany. It’s important to me to work, spend money, and support local business and community.

JT At a Glance

-Air Force Veteran

-Life Member of Disabled American Veterans

-Member of Bonnie Sloan American Legion Post #28

-Big Brother in Big Brother Big Sister of Kentuckiana

-Member of New Albany Masonic Lodge #39

– An Outdoorsman that loves fishing, hunting, and being out in nature

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